Witness recounts raid of Maina Njenga’s home

Thursday, November 23rd, 2023 06:14 | By
Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga (right) arrives at a Nakuru court for the hearing of his case. He was accompanied by his supporters. PHOTO/ Raphael Munge

The hearing of a criminal case against former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga and 11 others entered the third day yesterday.

Two witnesses, a police chief inspector and a Nyumba Kumi leader, testified before Principal Magistrate Kipkurui Kibelion.

During the cross examination, Chief Inspector Ekiru Lobuun told the court that only eight suspects were arrested on May 12, 2023 during a 5am raid.

“The second accused, one Daudi Mwangi, was awake and opened the gate for me and my colleagues. The rest were sleeping in different houses within the compound,” said Ekiru.

His statement that the suspects were asleep during the raid threw a spin into the case as defence lawyers poked holed into the charges leveled against them.

“If they were asleep, that means that you didn’t find them attending, addressing or organizing a meeting and recruiting people?” defence lawyer Ndegwa Njiru asked the officer who responded in the affirmative.

Among the charges against the 12 include being members of the Mungiki sect, addressing a meeting aimed at recruiting members, hosting the meeting and being found in possession of bhang, snuff, illegal firearm and ammunition.

Chief Inspector Ekiru could not link any of the suspects with a firearm produced in court as evidence.
“The gun was not in the hands of any person. It was found in the one of the bedrooms below a pillow,” said Ekiru.

He told the court that the gun and the scene was not dusted for fingerprints.
Ekiru could not explain how four other suspects and Njenga ended up being among the accused as they were not at the residence during the raid.

According to the defence lawyers, three additional suspects were arrested in Maili Sita trading Center while Njenga surrendered himself in court days later.

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