Six lions escaped from Namibia’s largest game park

By People Daily
Friday, January 31st, 2020
Lions are seen at the Etosha National Park in northwestern Namibia, July. (Xinhua)


Six lions escaped from Namibia's largest game park the Etosha National Park on the night of January 25 and devoured a donkey and cattle in the nearby northern village of Oshivelo, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism said Sunday.

The Ministry's Chief Public Relations Officer Romeo Muyunda said efforts are being made to recapture the six dangerous carnivores and send them to the park in what he called the country's long standing human and wildlife conflict problems.

"It has been confirmed that the lions escaped from the Etosha National Park Last night and killed a donkey and a cow in the area between Cansablanca and Oshivelo," he said.

Muyunda added that human wildlife conflict has become a huge challenge in recent years and more so because of the prevailing drought.

He appealed to farmers and communities in the vicinity of the part to assist in managing these conflicts by putting in place mitigating measures such as putting their livestock in kraal at night.

According to him, similar incidences were also reported in the northwest Kunene region this month. (Xinhua)