You are a prayerful woman- Maraga expresses confidence in Chief Justice Martha Koome as she assumes office

Monday, May 24th, 2021 14:16 | By
David Maraga shows confidence in Koome
Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Former Chief Justice David Maraga has expressed confidence in Justice Martha Koome’s ability to lead the Judiciary.

During the handing over ceremony at the Supreme Court and that was televised live, Maraga said that Koome had all the necessary support to succeed in her new appointment. 

“You will be able to deliver. You are a prayerful woman. All you need to do is cooperate with them(members of the judiciary) and you will deliver,” Maraga said before stressing on the importance of the separation of powers.

“Constitution power is constrained power. Everyone sticks to their lanes and we will have a great nation,” the former Chief Justice said. 

In her assumption of office speech, the new Chief Justice said that she drew her inspiration from fellow women among them Nyiva Mwendwa who was the first female Cabinet Minister and Justice Effie Owuor the first female Magistrate, Judge of the High Court and Court of Appeal who beat all odds to emerge the best in their respective fields. 

Koome also thanked Kenyans at large for the support and opportunities accorded to her and which saw the mother of three rise to the top seat in the judiciary. 

“Since my nomination was announced it was described by many as a momentous occasion since it assures every boy and girl that no matter their circumstances it is possible to keep dreaming and that Kenya gives everyone all opportunities,” Koome said. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed Koome as the Chief Justice on Wednesday, May 19 making her the nation's first female Justice.

A firebrand reformer, Koome graduated as a legal associate in 1988 before she opened her own law firm as managing partner in 1993.

During her practice she became famous for her defense of human rights after representing political detainees during President Daniel arap Moi’s regime. 

"When I crossed the bar, moving from arguing cases before the bench to determine them on the bench it was because I wanted to be part of the solution to the challenges in our Justice system," Koome said.

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