Let us cheer Team Kenya at Olympics

By Editorial Team
Friday, July 23rd, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read
President Uhuru Kenyatta hands over the Kenyan flag to Team Kenya captain Andrew Amonde. Watching is Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed. Photo/COURTESY

It is time for us to emulate the spirit of the Olympics that in spite of adversity the world can come together and compete, have fun and celebrate with each other. The Games begin in Tokyo today.

Kenya has sent a strong contingent to represent the country. It is not about communities, it is not about political affiliation, it is not about religion; our stars are there as Kenyans. Period.

As a result of Covid-19, the sportsmen and women are alone as no fans will be allowed on the arenas to cheer them. 

Nevertheless, it’s an honour to represent one’s country in this sporting festival; kudos to those carrying the Kenyan flag in Tokyo.

It has not been easy preparing for the Games. The pandemic shut down many sporting events but these men and women stood to the challenge when they were called to. 

The hurdles were many, some bitter. It is going to be even harder to compete without the “Kenya eee, Kenya aaah” chants reverberating from the stands.

Also missing will be out trademark red, black and green colours encouraging our boys and girls from the stands.

But to all Kenyans and sports lovers, the pandemic should not dampen our passions. It is time to light the fires in your hearts; it is time to sing the anthem loud and proud. 

From the living rooms to the bar counters, from social halls to live screens on streets, whether it is on the mobile phone or big screen, the country should roar loud and egg on our sports people to glory. But let’s do so responsibly as Covid-19 is still here.

From the rugby pitches to the boxing ring; from the volleyball beaches to the running tracks, we must stand with our ambassadors. As has been documented in the past, sports, like music, unites.

Those who have felt the effects of the pandemic have something to smile about. Those who have felt effects of an ailing economy have something to cheer about. 

Those who are yet to get their full salaries need not look at their mire with despair. When Kenyans compete, they are not just athletes; they are world champions.

As the team captained by rugby legend Andrew Amonde aims at nothing but the best we are called upon to show the world our true spirit, a fighting spirit, a spirit of honour and dignity. Go, go, Team Kenya!

Editorial Team