5 Marathon shoes you should try in 2022

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 21:58 | By

Marathon races are gearing up fast with the Lewa Marathon finally announced to make a comeback this year. 

What becomes even more important is how you should get yourself ready and set for the sizzling endurance challenge. A big part of the preparation is majorly on running shoes. 

Let's dive in and have a look at what shoes you should consider in this vigorous marathon calendar. 

1.Nike Vapor Fly NEXT%2

This special edition has already set itself apart from the rest as an iconic shoe that was in fact worn by Ruth Chepngetich. Chepngetich won the Nagoya Women's Marathon in these specials, bagging her the biggest ever prize money. 

Being one of the fastest shoes in the market, the Vapor Fly has impressive attributes. The combination of a full-length carbon fiber plate and Nike’s responsive foam is perfected to help runners reach record-breaking PRs (personal records).

2.Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%

If you utter Kipchoge's name anywhere, you definitely have to put in consideration his very own Nike shoe. 

At a price of Ksh 130,740 the deluxe running shoes features the Kenyan colors on the heel, as well as a pair of mismatched Swooshes. 

“The beauty of the Alphafly is the recovery during training. Your muscles aren’t actually tearing or wearing so easily. So you can recover a lot faster,” Kipchoge explained during the unveiling of the masterclass shoe. 

3.NewBalance Fuelcell Elite v2

Apart from the beauty the shoe holds, the Fuelcell offers the pace and pop you need for race days and speedwork sessions. 

The shoe also has a healthy amount of FuelCell midsole and a full-length carbon fibre plate - making it feel comfortable and stable during both warm-ups and cool-downs.

4.Nike Pegasus Trail 3

This work of art is certainly the must buy shoe for runners on both road and trail. 

The shoe comes with a great amount of cushioning underfoot and a wide platform for stability. 'The rubber sole features a shockwave-like pattern that mimics mountain-biking tyres' Nike said while unveiling the shoe. 

This would make it a brilliant shoe for anyone commuting or running on a mix of road and trail. 

5.Saucony Guide 14

This is not a shoe you can use for quicker sessions, but as an everyday shoe for heavier runners and overpronators (Runners who have their outer soles hit the ground first while running then come inwards towards the arch.)

The cushioning of the shoe tends towards the firm side however the fit won’t suit narrow-footed runners. On the contrary, normal-to-wide-footed runners will enjoy a perfect mix of freedom and cradling across the full length of the foot. 

Certainly a terrific long-run shoe for beginner-to-intermediate overpronating runners. 

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