Basketball playoffs risk nullification after Dikembe sues sport federation

Thursday, April 21st, 2022 05:05 | By

The 2021 Kenya Basketball Federation national men’s playoffs could be nullified and restarted after former basketball player Dennis ‘Dikembe’ Achiego sued the federation for allegedly running the league fraudulently.

Dikembe is accusing KBF of flagrant violation of the rules laid down for team participation for purposes of qualification to play in the league playoffs. As a result, he alleged that the federation fraudulently manipulates results for matches not played, giving the Ulinzi Basketball Club men’s team an unfair opportunity to participate in the playoffs. 

He claimed KBF erred in allowing Ulinzi to participate in the national men’s playoffs with a player who is unqualified to play in the said playoffs contrary to the league and competition rules.

He further claim that KBF’s actions are illegal and manifestly unfair to other teams which have put in honest work to participate in the league and made the necessary adjustments under the rules laid down by KBF against the expectation of fair competition and sporting morality.

Dikembe urged the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) to declare the ongoing men’s Kenya Basketball Federation League playoffs null and void. Additionally, he wants the tribunal to order KBF to restart the league based on the correct standings as per the rules and Ulinzi to be disqualified from participating in the new league.

When contacted, KBF never commented on the matter even though the case is active in court. The federation also evaded shedding light on steps they have taken to streamline the basketball game after the queries were raised. 

Ulinzi Basketball Club men’s team too was unavailable for comment as all calls to the club went unanswered.

The petition comes just as the league was about to end with KPA and Ulinzi tying 1-1 after game one and two. Ulinzi are the defending champions.

The mention and probably determination of the case is scheduled for today.

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