Cricket terminology 101 as Kenya battle Jersey

Monday, June 20th, 2022 11:14 | By
Team Kenya
Kenya Cricket team. PHOTO/Uganda Cricket Association/Twitter

Fifth place Kenya are currently going head to head with 3rd place Jersey in the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Challenge League at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala, Uganda.

Far from the precious points the Kenyan team is battling hard for is the mouthful terminology used in the spectacular game.

Let's dive in and get accustomed to some cricket lingo just to get you jumping on the next wicket.

Cricket Terminology

All-Rounder: A batsman who has the ability to bat and bowls both. Can also refer to a batsman/wicket-keeper

Around-the-wicket: When a bowler bowls with the wicket on the other side of the body to the bowling arm.

Batsman: A player who plays with the help of bat different shots when the ball has been bowled, usually in order to make runs.

Bowler: A player throwing the red, leather ball at the batsman to play, aiming to get him out.

Century: When a batsman scored 100 runs in one inning.

Innings: Time period for batting by a team or individual.

Test Match: A contest of two innings per side in 5 days between the two full members of the ICC (International Cricket Conference)

Wicket: Three wooden stumps having bailed on top. Wickets are pitched opposite and parallel to each other, 22 yards apart. The term is also used to describe the pitch.

Wicket-Maiden: An over in which no runs scored by the batsman but at least one wicket falls.

Four: A shot that crosses the boundary after hitting the ground.

Over: A series of six balls bowled by a bowler from the same end of the pitch.

Six: A stroke in which the ball crosses the boundary without bouncing


Kenya have so far played five matches and managed to win just one game. They have till now endured three defeats and currently have three points in their Group B slot.

Jersey, on the other hand clinched a 62-run victory against league leaders Uganda. Batting first, Jersey posted a total of255/6 in 50 overs. In reply, Uganda were bundled out for a mere total of 193 in 45.2 overs.

Jersey, have so far won three matches after playing five games in the tournament.

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