Cristiano Ronaldo’s former teammate now sells milk for survival

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 08:55 | By
Former Manchester United player Richard Eckersley

Richard Eckersley was once a promising midfielder within Manchester United's academy, yet the former player has admitted that he has gone from training with Cristiano Ronaldo to selling milk.

Eckersley made his debut for United in 2009, although his final professional game came in 2015 with Oldham Athletic.

"Oldham had no money or hope, I was coming back from a wedding, we had a newborn baby and I told my wife I wanted to quit football," Eckersley detailed in an interview with The Athletic.

"It was a relief, I had enough money to last six months or a year.

"I've been thinking about Cristiano Ronaldo being back at United, the last time he was there I was there, I was training with him, and now I'm a dairyman and I sell oat milk."

When asked on the details of his life now, the former midfielder was quick to point towards the serenity of his life as something which brings him happiness.

"We're producing 25,000 litres of milk per month in glass bottles, everything is reusable, and it's a circular business model, we have 22 employees, and we want to be the largest milk distributor in the UK in the next five years,” He said.

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