Denmark-based Olympian Oure on a mission to promote healthy living

By Charles Thuku
Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 00:00 | 2 mins read
Evans Oure with Evander Holyfield. Photo/PD/CHARLES THUKU

Lifestyle-related diseases are placing an increasing burden on health systems around the globe. 

What’s more, they contribute to over 65 per cent of medical cases in Kenyan hospitals. 

 But Denmark-based Kenyan Olympian Evans Ashira Oure believes such complications can be a thing of the past with proper guidance on fitness and a behaviour change.

 “We can prevent these diseases by making small changes in people’s behaviour.

The health benefits are there, they are real, they are measured and are cost effective,” said Oure who savoured several sparring sessions with pound-for-pound pugilist Floyd Mayweather Jr at Palm Beach, Florida, in his days at Don King’s stable.

 So what has “The African Warrior” been up to after hanging up his gloves in 2008?

 Upon retirement from the ring in Denmark, Oure’s daily grind has revolved around promoting healthy living amongst active and retired sports personalities as well as citizens of the corporate world who are vulnerable to life threatening complications like cancer, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

 Boxmedtech, which is owned and operated by Oure, supports and imparts healthy experience to mitigate life-threatening diseases.

 “Boxmedtech is an idea my friend and I came up with on realisation that many people suffered a great deal as a result of not exercising regularly,” says the 51-year-old. 

 He also grooms the next generation boxing champions. “I am still very much into boxing.

Evans Oure with his son Fredrick inside a gym in Denmark.  Photo/PD/ CHARLES THUKU

 I’m training them to be the best in the in Copenhagen. I also have three sons boxing at the amateur level,” said  Oure who also runs a boxing club which takes part in boxing events in London and Copenhagen. 

 “In my family, we have 10 national champions, six regional champions, two world champions and three Olympians.

We are the biggest family in the history of boxing in Kenya and may be across the East and Central Africa region  “Personally, I learned a lot from the legendary Owiso Oure who was the first Kenyan black heavyweight champion in colonial days where indigenous Africans were not allowed to partake in the boxing championship. 

My Uncle Owiso was a small heavyweight. He could get in the ring first, box a light heavyweight and get back one fight or two, at heavyweight sometimes knocking them out.

Uncle Owiso was such a sturdy boxer and is best remembered for his neck and neck encounter with Idi Amin when the latter was still in Ugandan military.”

 So what’s Oure’s advice to boxers aspiring to make boxing their bread and butter? 

 “Professional boxing is business. You just have to believe in yourself and maximize the opportunity.

Our boxers should focus on investing in small things that can pay big. Live healthy, stay in shape and they will live longer.”

 Oure joined the national team in 1993 and never stopped until he moved to Denmark for greener pastures. 

 “I have fought across the globe and challenged some of the greatest pugilists like WBC/WBA/WBO World Super Middle champion Joe Calzaghe.

I have also boxed in the world’s biggest arenas in the world among them Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the famous Madison Square Garden in New York, Cardiff in Wales, just to name but a few.”