Embattled FKF boss swings back to life

Friday, September 9th, 2022 01:30 | By
FKF president Nick Mwendwa reacts during a past function at the federation offices. PHOTO/Rodgers Ndegwa
FKF president Nick Mwendwa reacts during a past function at the federation offices. PHOTO/Rodgers Ndegwa

Embattled Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa is back in business after 10 months in the cold owing to several court cases after Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed accused his office of alleged misappropriation of funds.

In a letter addressed to Gianni Infantino, the president of world football governing body Fifa yesterday, Mwendwa who had stepped aside from the position last year to allow the legal process to be completed as he handed over the responsibilities of the federation to his vice, Dorris Petra, said he had officially resumed his duties at the federation.

This happened as the football administrator called for a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to be held in Nairobi this morning, the first NEC meeting in almost a year.

“Reference is made to my letter dated November 29, 2021, with regard to the interim transfer of my powers and responsibilities as FKF president to the FKF vice president. In this regard, following the withdrawal of charges by the Directorate of Public Prosecution on July 8, 2022. I hereby wish to inform your good office that I have resumed my duties as the FKF president with immediate effect in accordance with article 42 of the FKF constitution (2017),” read Mwendwa’s letter to Infantino which is in possession of People Sport.

Fifa, in February suspended Kenya as they urged CS Amina to repeal the decision to disband Football Kenya Federation and install a caretaker committee or the country will remain in the cold indefinitely.

The world governing body said it would only lift the suspension upon “receipt of confirmation from the FKF and its management, that the FKF and its premises are once more under their full and unconditional control.”

“Without prejudice to any investigations by national authorities or other judicial bodies, the Fifa Council also decided to suspend the Football Kenya Federation and the Zimbabwe Football Association with immediate effect due to undue interference by a third party,” Infantino said.

In his letter to the Fifa president, Mwendwa added: “ The federation has made significant progress towards complying with the Fifa directive of February 24, 2022, with a meeting scheduled in the coming days, with the newly elected Kenyan government, to actualise the lifting of the Fifa suspension and Kenya’s return to international football.”

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