Fans in the stadium but no gate collection; tale of AFC Leopards

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 08:19 | By
AFC Leopards Chairman Dan Shikanda gestures at a previous function. PD/ RODGERS NDEGWA

With slightly three days to go before AFC Leopards holds its elections, the club’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has tabled its Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending December 31, 2021.

And thererin lies the sad reality. In the whole season the club managed a paltry Sh166,900 from the gate collections. At Sh300 per fan, this translates to 32 fans on average for the minimum 17 matches the club played host to.

The report, which was prepared by independent Auditors -Shilasi & Associates, details income and expenditure trail from different streams. 

The club’s operations income for the period was Sh37,032,100, almost Sh3 million less than the amount they realised in 2020 which was Sh40,834,676.

Membership fees brought in Sh3,034,200; BetSafe grant was Sh28,100,000, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Premier League grants Sh 5,015,000 and the Sh166,900 realised from gate collections. In operating expenses, staff costs were the highest as it posted Sh41,266,177.

Other figures in the report include Player Signing Fees which cost the club Sh8,115.339, Visa and Work Permits cost Sh101,352 and Training Ground hiring that cost Sh1,137,700.

There was also Sh1,065,175 being highlighted as Assets write-off. The total amount spent in the report was Sh56,141,377.

Other incomes realised during the period include Sh5,807,721 from business and individual contributions, Sh8,476,600 from fundraisers and Sh1,000,000 received from tournaments participation. 

Match Day expenses for the same period totalled Sh7,209,015.

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