How to watch latest cricket matches from Kenya

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Cricket is a viral game in Kenya; as early as 1899, the first game of cricket was played in Mombasa, Kenya. A match between the East Africa Protectorate and the Rest of the World. In 1966, Kenya competed in the cricket world cup, and in 2003, they reached the semi-finals.

Kenyans are very much interested in cricket. And for some, watching every live cricket game being played anywhere in the world is imperative. That's why Kenyans search for a "live cricket match". Cricket lovers in Kenya constantly search for sites like sportbet to get updates on cricket matches and predictions for upcoming games.

For the most part, it's easy to watch or stream live cricket matches online. But it's cool that you choose an app or website; that's fine by you; to watch or stream live cricket matches. There are tons of good sites offering their subscribers live cricket matches, some for free, others at an affordable price. There are tons of good sites providing their subscribers with live cricket matches, some for free, others at an affordable price.

Nonetheless, if you're in Kenya, listed below are some of the best apps or websites to stream live cricket matches in excellent quality:


CricHD is an excellent website to stream live cricket; if you're a super cricket fan, you'll love watching cricket on this site. And what's more fun about watching live cricket on this website is that it offers cricket matches in HD. On visiting the site, you see a list of ongoing cricket matches grouped by country and their respective leagues. Aside from cricket, you get to stream other events like Golf, Darts, F1, etc.

Disney+ Hotstar

Hot star is the official app for sports events shown on the Star network. Most, if not all, cricket events are streamed on the Hotstar app; even more so, the IPL is streamed on Hotstar if you love watching IPL matches.

To enjoy live matches with Disney+ Hotstar, all you need to do is download the app from the Google Play Store. Choose a preferred language, and choose a subscription to pay. It's nice you pay for a plan that you're comfortable paying.


Crictime has a simple and easy-to-use website. Crictime is a live cricket streaming website; once you visit the website, you see a list of cricket matches. To watch any game of your choice, you can click on the link detailing the game you wish to stream. Each match link has more than one server that offers the game to avoid any network latency when streaming the game. And most importantly, all games are free to stream.

JioTv App

Regardless of where you are in Kenya, you can enjoy live cricket matches via the JioTv App if you've got an internet subscription. You need to download the app from Google Play, create a JioTv account, and begin streaming any cricket match.


BatManStream is a website mainly for streaming sports like volleyball, tennis, football, rugby, tennis and cricket fans, and cricket. All sports events streamed on this website are all in high definition. Click on the sports you wish to stream and enjoy cricket matches. Its website is easy to use. The cricket matches are grouped by country and region.


CricketWorld is an excellent site not just to stream matches but get match updates, predictions, and more. But at its core, the website offers live cricket matches to visitors and users. It has two sections; the first offers live cricket streaming reports, while the other offers live scores of ongoing cricket matches.


Even though there are numerous sites to watch cricket matches, you should watch games on sites that offer HD video quality at a meagre cost and free. Other sites providing cricket matches of high quality include VipBox, Willow Tv, Bosscast, and Time 4TV.

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