Kenya sure of World Rally Championship hosting next year

Monday, June 8th, 2020 00:00 | By
Sports CS Amina Mohamed joins workers in the construction of the service bay at KWS Training Institute in Naivasha ahead of the World Championship Rally (WRC) next year. Photo/PD/KIRERA MWITI

The government exuded confidence over the weekend that it would be ready to host the World Rally Championship  (WRC) race next year after it was postponed due to Covid-19.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Dr. Amina Mohamed said the cancellation of the world event had given the government and stakeholders’ ample time to prepare.

The event that was set for July this year had to be postponed following the pandemic that has paralysed all sports activities across the world.

She said that despite the cancellation of the world event, the government was confident that it would take place in the country next year once the organisers set a new date.

“The championship was postponed due to the pandemic and we have decided to continue with ground works so that we are ready in time,” she said.

Amina was addressing the press after supervising works on the ongoing construction of a service bay in KWS Training Institute in Naivasha for the World Rally Championship (WRC) which has been postponed to next year.

The Minister assured environmentalists that the rally would not affect ecosystem at the Hellsgate National Park where it would be held.

“We expect thousands of rally lovers in Naivasha during the period and we shall use the event to showcase our country’s potential and tourists’ destination,” she said.

At the same time, sports lovers across the country have a reason to smile after the government said that it was ready to allow back sports activity in the coming weeks.

Amina was however quick to warn that strict health regulations would have to be observed and implemented before sports continued.

“The Cabinet will be meeting soon to address the issue and we have engaged various stakeholders like KPL and the Ministry of Health on how players can return to the field,” she said.

Amina noted that Nyayo and Kasarani stadiums which have been under repair would be re-opened soon ahead of the expected return to the field.

“On the 11th of June we shall have a virtual 200m race in Nyayo stadium as part of the preparations to return to the fields following the pandemic that has affected all sectors,” she said.

On his part, World Championship Rally in Kenya CEO Phineas Kimathi exuded confidence that the country would host the event next year despite cancellations caused by Covid-19.

He said that the move to postpone the event had given the organisers more time to prepare ground work for the event that would be viewed by billions around the world.

“On a normal day Maasai Mara hosts over 800 cars and in Hellsgate there will be around 50 cars and the wildlife won’t be affected,” he said.

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