KRU explains why Kenya failed to honour Dubai 7s invitation

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 16:26 | By
Kenya 7s in a team photo. PHOTO/(@KenyaSevens)/Kenya 7s/X
Kenya 7s in a team photo. PHOTO/(@KenyaSevens)/Kenya 7s/X

The Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) has finally come out in public to explain what exactly made Kenya 7s fail to travel for Dubai 7s.

It became clear that the Kenya 7s were not going to take part in the invitational tournament after the team failed to travel. KRU has now explained the logistical issues that eventually led to the withdrawal from the elite competition.

Kenya 7s in a team photo. PHOTO/(@KenyaSevens)/Kenya 7s/X
Kenya 7s in a team photo. PHOTO/Kenya 7s/X

KRU opens up

"We extend our sincere thanks to our loyal fans and the Sports Ministry for their unwavering support.

"Regrettably, an internal weakness in our funding application led to missing the Dubai 7s Invitational Tournament," KRU said in a statement.

The statement, signed by the union's chair, Alexander Mutai, stressed that the federation will embark on a process that will ensure such problems are avoided in the future.

"We appreciate your understanding and remain committed to overcoming challenges for future successes, and we have already made the requisite changes that will ensure that this doesn’t occur again," it added.

KRFA elections

Meanwhile, the Kenya Rugby Referee Association, an affiliate body of the Kenya Rugby Union, has elected new office bearers.

Alfred Okwemba won the presidency after beating three opponents, Dennis Wachira, who earned seven votes, and Edward Mbugua, who got zero votes, and will now serve a four-year term. In the 

Victor Oduor was elected secretary-general after beating Innocent Kimathi and Collins Nabiswa.

Alice Mulewa will continue serving as the honorary treasurer after beating Edwin Kagota. She will serve a four-year term after getting 10 votes to beat her opponent, who garnered five votes.

Damas Ogwe, Lameck Ongati, and James Njeru were appointed as trustees in a meeting that was also attended by KRU director Leslie Mwangale.

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