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Martials try to control fans at a past Safari Rally event. Photo/PD/PHILLIP KAMAKYA

WRC Safari Rally safety preparations in full swing as organisers target 1900 marshalls for the event.

Edwin Otieno

By the time the World Rally Championships (WRC) Safari Rally dust settles, every marshal will have undergone three trainings to ensure that they are well equipped and confident to undertake their role effectively.

Chief Safety Officer of Safari Norris Ongalo says the training emphasises on their basic role which is to “Inform, Direct and Control other subjects”.

“The subjects could be spectators, media personnel, other officials etc. We have started the first round of trainings and the marshals are quite engaged.

They are realising that the task ahead is massively important but achievable. These crop of men and women are brilliant,” Ongalo said. 

On planning, Safari Rally safety initiative has numerous things happening behind the scene.

“We have prepared the Safety Master Plan for the event. This is a document that gives details of activities to be carried out on the stages. It is as detailing activities at every kilometre.

This includes number of marshals and their exact posting, the medical and rescue intervention plan which include both road and air evacuations, the hospitals available and what trauma facilities they have among other things, Ongalo told People Sport.

He added: “We are also finalising on the procurement of rescue equipment which is a requirement by FIA.

Upon receipt of this equipment, we shall be training our paramedics and the technical intervention teams.”

He said the plan was to use the forthcoming FIA Africa Rally Championship event (Equator Rally) set for next week, as the dress rehearsal for the WRC Safari Rally.

“As we prepare for WRC, we have our eyes on ARC as well. We shall continue with training programmes of marshals, National Youth Service, Medics and Rescue teams until the last week to ARC and resume the same until the last week to WRC,” Ongalo said.

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