Mckinstry gives Gor Mahia tips on how to match African bigwigs financially

Saturday, December 9th, 2023 12:32 | By
Gor Mahia Fans celebrate. PHOTO/DAVID NDOLO.
Gor Mahia Fans celebrate. PHOTO/David Ndolo

Gor Mahia head coach Johnathan Mckinstry has acknowledged that achieving financial stability for the club is a realistic goal, although it cannot be accomplished overnight.

Despite Gor Mahia's recent success in the league and a substantial fan base, financial challenges have persisted.

Gor Mahia comparison

In a comparison with Tanzania's Yanga, Mckinstry noted that Yanga's budget surpasses Gor Mahia's. He believes Yanga strategically positioned themselves as a prominent brand to attract sponsors hence their stability.

Gor Mahia fans. PHOTO/Gor Mahia/Facebook
Gor Mahia fans. PHOTO/Gor Mahia/Facebook

"It is about having a plan, it doesn't happen overnight. Let's take Yanga who were in the CAF Confederation final last year; their budget is like eight times what our budget is. That did not magically appear that some dropped 10 million dollars into their account; it took about having a progressive well-run club that sponsors were interested in, that could grow the brand and invest in facilities," Mckinstry explained to Gor Mahia TV.

Mckinstry highlighted a significant challenge faced by many Kenyan clubs, including Gor Mahia, where a substantial portion of their budgets is allocated to renting facilities. In contrast, clubs like Simba and Yanga in Tanzania own their facilities, alleviating such financial burdens.

"In Kenya, not just Gor Mahia but most clubs' budgets go to renting facilities. Simba and Yanga, on the other hand, own facilities; they don't have to pay for these facilities," he added.

The coach emphasized the potential financial benefits of having a team with its facilities, such as a stadium, citing increased revenue from gate charges when attracting up to 20,000 fans weekly.

Gor Mahia coach target

Mckinstry expressed his ambition to guide Gor Mahia to the Champions League group stages next year, which would guarantee them a substantial amount. He stressed the importance of wise investment with the funds earned, focusing on long-term sustainability.

Gor Mahia players take a team photo before a match. PHOTO/Gor Mahia/Facebook
Gor Mahia players take a team photo before a match. PHOTO/Gor Mahia/Facebook

"When you are pulling 10,000-20,000 fans each week paying ticket prices, it is a positive cycle, but it has to take the first step. The first step is being competitive and successful on the pitch.

"If we can get to the Champions Group stage, that can be a huge injection because the minimum you get is 700,000 dollars, and that can be the seed that starts to grow. But it has to be invested wisely; it can't just be, let us sign lots of players; you should build a facility, a clubhouse so that Gor Mahia isn't successful today but successful for 30 years. I think we are healthier than we were 10 months ago with sponsors on board, but it takes continued growth," he concluded.

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