Nike petitioned to redesign Kenya’s ‘ugly’ Olympics sportswear

Sunday, February 9th, 2020 19:03 | By
Petitioners ask Nike to redesign Kenya's Tokyo 2020 Olympics kit

Online activists have petitioned US-based Nike to redesign Kenya's sportswear for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Online petitions

By February 9, close to 14,000 people had signed the petition with 1,000 signatures more needed to hit the target set by the petitioner who started on

The website provides a platform for activists to demand change with the organisation sending a notification to the petitioned parties once the target of signatures is achieved.

Ridiculed after release

Shortly after Nike released the Kenyans sportswear for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, fans ridiculed the Kenyan attire as 'unattractive'.

"Nike is enjoying Kenyans with our Olympic Team uniform. See the Kenyan model & uniform & the ones of US, Nigeria & Brazil. Our “honey-comb” uniform must get an Olympic Prize for ugliness," Said Donald B Kipkorir.

Olympics Committee Says it is Okay

National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-Kenya) President Paul Tergat endorsed the attire, saying that it was 'wow'.

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But the Kenya Olympics Committee Secretary-General Francis Mutuku acknowledged the feedback but did not comment on whether there would be a redesign.

Having kits that are not loved by athletics fans would mean less sales prior to the start of the Olympics Games in July.

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