Nyamweya: Roadmap to football recovery

Monday, December 6th, 2021 14:00 | By
Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya. PHOTO/COURTESY

Today marks exactly 15 days since the disband- ment of Football Kenya Federation and subse- quent appointment and gazettement of a 15 Mem- ber FKF caretaker com- mittee and a 12 member secretariat to support the
operations of the Committee.

The decision to dis- band Football Kenya Federation was long over- due as droves of football stakeholders raised red alerts in the governance and management of foot- ball in Kenya.

The triggering and put- ting in motion Section 52, and 54 of the Sports Act 2013 (revised) was what the football stakeholders were demanding from the year 2018.

Since the formation of the Kenya Football Association in 1960, foot- ball management has experienced structural, systemic and governance
challenges of monumental proportions.

Historically, this is not the first time the football body has been disbanded and appointments of a caretaker committee has been effected.

Be that as it may, this is the first time in the history of our football administration when we have had a Sports law in place and the disbandment done according to the Sports law (Sports Act 2013 (Revised).

Road map to recovery of the Beautiful Game i wish to propose the following for the kind consideration of the Caretaker committee areas of strategic focus I propose that the FKF caretaker Committee offers structured sup- port upon resumption of leagues and Competitions.

The caretaker commit- tee seriously considers extending a stimulus package to the teams participating in National Leagues and cushion them from losses occasioned by the termination of title Rights Sponsorship and Broadcast Rights Sponsorship, and withdrawal of other partners.

That in the absence of international assignments that funds meant
for the national teams be used for this purpose.

Such grants can be obtained from the Sports Arts and Social Development fund that the caretaker committee considers taking over in the interim payments of match officials and match Management expenses.

Grants to clubs that the caretaker considers extending grants to the club’s participating in the National Leagues on a pro rata basis.

That the caretaker committee considers extending support by the way of Grants to the County Football Associations.

Such support will spur the growth of the game of football at the
Grassroot levels.

Rebuilding the dam- aged Football Brand The Football brand has suffered the brunt of bad leadership, which has led to withdrawal of partners who are a great source of sponsorship.

Football Kenya Federation has suffered brand reputation damage and its effects are devastating to

I therefore propose that the caretaker com- mittee sets up a sub committee to rebuild the football Brand and regain the confi of spon- sors and partners.

Football Kenya Federation lacks credibility and has proved to be largely ineffective as a governing body.

I propose that the care- taker committee sets out specific and actionable measures that can be used to guide governance reforms in Football Kenya Federation ,improvements in transparency and accountability to football stakeholders and track progress of the reforms therefore.

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