Ongwae wins Danish league Defensive Player of The Year

By Barry Silah
Wednesday, April 7th, 2021
In summary

Kenya national basketball team side Morans’ guard Tylor Ongwae has been named Danish Defensive Player of the Year after what has been an inspiring run up to the Danish Cup.

Ongwae, 29, who was in his third season with the Danish giants, Bakken Bears, has been instrumental for the champions on the defensive end.

Players around the league have praised Ongwae for his unreal defensive instincts that enable him to lock down offensive players and his defensive positioning that gets him steals and stops in games.

Heading into the Danish League playoffs, Ongwae is ready for the task ahead and this award has surely motivated him to perform at his best at the highest level.

Ongwae credits his pre match preparation as a crucial enabler of studying opponents’ game patterns so as to give him a heads up.