Phoenix soar high as roll ball action resumes

Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 09:00 | By
PG 28-Phoenix Rollball Team pose for a photo before their match against SPU on Sunday PD LUCKY OLUOCH√
PG 28-Phoenix Rollball Team pose for a photo before their match against SPU on Sunday PD LUCKY OLUOCH√

The second leg of the National Rollball League finally commenced with the first seven matches taking place at St. Paul’s University’s Roll Ball court on Sunday.

In a thrilling match between Phoenix and St. Paul’s University (SPU), Hermeton of Phoenix stole the show in the opening minutes. Within the first 4 and 5 minutes of the game, he showcased incredible skills and precision, scoring two quick goals, much to the delight of their optimistic fans.

However, SPU were determined not to be left behind. Their player, Bonny, who plays jersey number 6, rallied in his team and managed to narrow the gap by netting their first goal, making it 2-1.

In the course of the nail-biting game, SPU were awarded a penalty after their opponents played a foul game against them. Despite being presented with an opportunity to equalize, their best efforts to score the penalty did not materialise into a goal, leaving the score unchanged.

The battle between the two teams continued to be fierce even as time went by. The defensive strategies employed by both sides proved to be solid, making it harder for either sides to penetrate and score.

Phoenix, known for their exceptional blocking skills, showcased their expertise, with two players who even play for the national team.

The game further intensified in the second half, with both teams displaying a fast-paced and calculated style of play, with the notable player being Karis of Phoenix. It took just four minutes into the second half for Hermeton to once again demonstrate his dribbling prowess, expertly maneuvering the ball into the net and securing a third goal for Phoenix – extending their lead to 3-1.

SPU’s Tony refused to back down and seized an opportunity at the 38th minute, scoring their second goal – the goal which revitalised SPU’s hopes, bringing the score to 3-2. With only three minutes left into the clock, SPU fought valiantly in search of an equalizer, but their efforts ultimately fell short.

Speaking to People Sport, SPU’s coach Gibson quipped: “Finally the second leg of the rollball games is here and we are so happy. The hiatus was, however, necessary as the focus shifted to the global match played in India which some of our team’s players were part of, and represented us exceptionally.”

Meanwhile, in the women’s matches, Team Archibella dominated Chuka University with an impressive 7-1 victory, showcasing their superiority on the rollball court. On the other hand, Snipers secured a narrow 1-0 win against SPU, highlighting their defensive capabilities and the ability to capitalize on opportunities.

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