Now comedian Moraa also takes Ayimba to court for child upkeep

By Nancy Gitonga
Wednesday, March 4th, 2020
Gloria Moraa at Milimani Court yesterday. Photo/PD/WEBSTER NYANDIKA

Another woman has sued former national Rugby Sevens team head coach Benjamin Otieno Ayimba over failure to provide to his two children.

Gloria Moraa, an actress and comedian commonly known for her stage name as ‘Nyaboke’, accused Ayimba of unfairly and unreasonably neglecting and abandoning the two minors.

The development comes barely two weeks after another woman Fabricia Odhiambo won a similar court case against the same coach where she will be getting Sh 20,000 per month for the maintenance of their two kids.

“Ayimba without reason stopped providing shelter for the minors in October 2018, subjecting them to auctioneers in December 2018 with four months arrears amounting to shillings 120,000 plus auctioneers fees of Shillings 30,000 rendering them homeless,” said the mother of two at Milimani Law Courts yesterday.

Ayimba is accused of subjecting the minors to poor healthcare by stopping to provide health cover for them.

He had also promised to pay school fees immediately the minors attain school admission age according to Moraa.

The documents filed before Milimani Children’s Court further indicate that without a reason, he stopped providing upkeep for the minors, thus subjecting them to untold suffering on several occasions sleeping hungry and due to Ayimba’s actions, the minors were subjected to untold psychological torture and an undignified way of life.

“ On several occasions Ayimba has mocked me over bringing before this court any matter pertaining to the minors and if Ayimba’s discriminatory behaviour goes unchecked by this court process, there is a significant danger to the wellbeing of the minors”, said Moraa.

The two were married or cohabiting for seven years and have been blessed with two children.

She said Ayimba is a pathological liar and would go to any extent to subvert justice including hiding his source of wealth and properties to avoid being held responsible.

She told the court that Ayimba is currently residing with another woman at South C adter abandoning his children to be subjected to poverty and if the court does not stop Ayimba’s behaviuor, it leaves a potential risk to other victims passing through his hands.