FKF PL transfers: Shabana, Tusker, Kakamega Homeboyz done deals

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Save Shabana FC from disintegration
Shabana FC players. PHOTO/Shabana FC/Facebook.

FKF Premier side Shabana FC made several signings to strengthen their squad for the 2023/24 campaign.

The club brought in a mix of experienced players and promising talents to bolster various areas of the team.

The new additions to Shabana FC include Rodgers Aloro, Mark Okola, Dalphine Omuri, Johana Mwita, Frank Ouya (on loan from Nairobi United FC), Prince Ayeko, Eugene Mukangula, Victor Kamungo, Hillary Wandera, Enock Obiero, Samuel Maiko, and Dennis Ongeri (on loan from Zoo FC).

Shabana's departures

On the departures front, Japheth Lokayo has gone on loan to Vihiga Bullets FC, while Adevie Derima has moved to Muhoroni Youth FC.

Eugene Mukangula signs for Shabana FC. PHOTO/Print
Eugene Mukangula signs for Shabana FC. PHOTO/Print

Shabana FC are focused on building a competitive squad for the season and aim to make a mark in their respective competitions.

Tusker FC were also active in the transfer window, making several noteworthy signings to strengthen their squad.

The club has added both domestic and international talent to enhance their prospects for the upcoming season.

Among the new signings are John Byamukama from Gaddafi FC in Uganda, Joseph Mwangi from Nzoia Sugar, James Kibande from Kenya Police FC, Erick Kapaito from Arbaminch City FC in Ethiopia, Eugene Asike, who returns from IF Karstad FC in Sweden, Edwin Simiyu, who earned a promotion from Tusker Youth FC, Fabian Adikiny from Murang’a Seal FC, Collins Odhiambo from Kakamega Homeboyz FC, and Chrispine Otieno from Mombasa Elite FC.

Shabana FC in NSL. PHOTO/Shabana/Facebook.
Shabana FC in NSL. PHOTO/Shabana/Facebook.

In terms of departures, several players have moved on to other clubs. Michael Wanjala has joined Posta Rangers FC, Humphrey Mieno is now with Sofapaka FC, Rodgers Ouma has transferred to Gor Mahia FC, Jackson Macharia has moved to Posta Rangers FC, Vincent Ngesa is now at Nzoia Sugar FC, Kevin Monyi has joined Kisumu Allstars FC, and Mwinyi Shami is back at Kakamega Homeboyz FC.

Shabana FC Transfers:


  1. Rodgers Aloro (Bandari FC)
  2. Mark Okola (Vihiga United FC)
  3. Dalphine Omuri (MOFA)
  4. Johana Mwita (Bandari FC)
  5. Frank Ouya (On loan from Nairobi United FC)
  6. Prince Ayeko (Nzoia Sugar FC)
  7. Eugene Mukangula (AFC Leopards SC)
  8. Victor Kamungo (Migori Youth FC)
  9. Hillary Wandera (Kakamega Homeboyz FC)
  10. Enock Obiero (Kakamega Homeboyz FC)
  11. Samuel Maiko (Gusii FC)
  12. Dennis Ongeri (On loan from Zoo FC)


  1. Japheth Lokayo (On loan, Vihiga Bullets FC)
  2. Adevie Derima (Muhoroni Youth FC)

Tusker FC Transfers:


  1. John Byamukama (Gaddafi FC – Uganda)
  2. Joseph Mwangi (Nzoia Sugar)
  3. James Kibande (Kenya Police FC)
  4. Erick Kapaito (Arbaminch City FC - Ethiopia)
  5. Eugene Asike (IF Karstad FC - Sweden)
  6. Edwin Simiyu (Promotion from Tusker Youth FC)
  7. Fabian Adikiny (Murang’a Seal FC)
  8. Collins Odhiambo (Kakamega Homeboyz FC)
  9. Chrispine Otieno (Mombasa Elite FC)


  1. Michael Wanjala (Posta Rangers FC)
  2. Humphrey Mieno (Sofapaka FC)
  3. Rodgers Ouma (Gor Mahia FC)
  4. Jackson Macharia (Posta Rangers FC)
  5. Vincent Ngesa (Nzoia Sugar FC)
  6. Kevin Monyi (Kisumu Allstars FC)
  7. Mwinyi Shami (Kakamega Homeboyz FC)

Kakamega Homeboyz FC Transfers:


  1. Francis Omondi (Ulinzi Stars FC)
  2. Yusuf Mohammed (Muhoroni Youth FC)
  3. Farouk Musisi (FC Hosilot - Tajikistan)
  4. James Cleo Ssetuba (Ihefu Sports Club, Tanzania)
  5. Oscar Adam Paul (Tanzania Prisons FC, Tanzania)
  6. Davis Kasirye (Sofapaka FC)
  7. Alex Imbusia (Sofapaka FC)
  8. Mwinyi Shami (Tusker FC)


  1. Collins Odhiambo (Tusker FC)
  2. Michael Karamor (Kisumu Allstars FC)
  3. Stephen Otieno (Kisumu Allstars FC)
  4. Hillary Wandera (Shabana FC)
  5. Enock Obiero (Shabana FC)
  6. Elli Asieche (Mathare United FC)

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