State to prioritize sponsorships for valuable sports disciplines, Funds CEO Nuh Ibrahim says

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024 00:40 | By
Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba address federation boses, representatives of corporate firms and journalists at Radison Blue Hotel. PHOTO/Print
Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba address federation boses, representatives of corporate firms and journalists at Radison Blue Hotel. PHOTO/Print

The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economic and Sports will prioritize funding sporting activities in the country and abroad that bring value to the country.

Cabinet Secretary for Sports Ababu Namwamba told sports organizations that while applying for state funding they must show beyond limit that the set events are of great value to Kenyans in terms of diplomatic relations, talent development and unity promotion.

The minister noted that he has encountered difficult times with a number of federations who have been camping in his office for sponsorship to attend international events abroad.

“This government wants to monetize talents to support livelihoods. This is beyond going to participate in events abroad. Hosting or taking part in an event overseas is not an achievement. Explain to me why the money should not be put to something else that is of more value to the public.

Tell me how participating in every event in every corner of the world is of national interest and helps in government agenda commercialization for national development. I have given instructions to my team that if an event is not in harmony with our strategic national objective,if it does not promote the country’s values then it is not worth the investment,” Ababu remarked.

Chief Executive Officer for Sports Fund Nuh Ibrahim took time to remind federations on funding procedures and reiterated Ababu remarks that only sporting events that are of immense value to the country will be given attention henceforth.

“We cannot finance every event. Some federations have been going around the world looking for events or trips that have no strategic value to the country.”

Nuh told federation bosses that they must comply with the regulations of the Sports Fund for consideration.

The tough talking CEO noted that he will not tolerate bad behaviors of some federations such late request of sponsorships for local and international events, giving wrong bank details or trying to change the details in the last moments of the process, failure to make returns for funds previously disbursed to them, under or over budgeting for sporting events.

To arrest the mentioned challenges, Nuh said that the government will not give funding to sports organizations in the country that are non-compliant with the regulations.

“Sports bodies should all abide by the rule of law. More so, I urge federations to work extra hard to look for alternative funding from corporate sponsors.”

Already,the Ministry of Youth Affairs,Creative Economy and Sports has outlined that this year’s Paris Olympic Games and the 2027 African Cup of Nations preparations are top in the funding list meaning that some federations will have to shelve their ambitions to participate in various activities or punch above their weights in search for other means of funding due to squeezed budgets at the Sports Fund.

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