Why does Muhoroni Stadium continue to host matches despite safety issues?

Monday, April 15th, 2024 01:50 | By
Wazito FC vs Migori Youth at Muhoroni Stadium. PHOTO/Wazito/Facebook
Wazito FC vs Migori Youth at Muhoroni Stadium. PHOTO/Wazito/Facebook

Nairobi City Stars goalkeeper Edwin Mukolwe had a lot to say about the manner in which Muhoroni Youth beat them a fortnight ago.

City Stars travelled to Muhoroni and were handed a 2-0 beating but had to stomach so much more than just the defeat. Keeper, Mukolwe, who is chasing for the golden glove award, was the only player brave enough to air his concerns on the events surrounding the loss.

“My team Nairobi City Stars scored three beautiful goals but ended up losing the game 2-nil. Not to mention how our media team were barred from recording the game. Very disappointed with the quality of refereeing from the first decision to the last,” he voiced.

He continued: “It was pathetic! Very disgusting! We need to set standards if we are to improve the quality of our football!”

His sentiments attracted a lot of counter-sentiments under the post with a lot of fans empathizing with him. Mukolwe is not the first and won’t be the last to complain about the events that happen at the Muhoroni Stadium.

Despite past incidents that should have led to decisive action, the authorities have failed to address the root causes, allowing the cycle of misconduct to persist.

In 2020, the league’s governing body, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) banned the facility from hosting matches after a brawl ensued between Muhoroni Youth and Nzoia United fans where knives and other crude weapons were brandished. It wasn’t long before it was back to normal business.

In May last year, there was another clash between Gor Mahia and Muhoroni Youth fans which put both the fans and players’ safety at risk. Nothing happened.

Later in October, KCB coach Bernard Mwalala and his technical bench had to scamper for safety after an irate mob from Muhoroni charged at them. The club was banned from hosting their next five games at the venue and club chairperson Moses Adagala slapped with a Ksh 300,000 fine which he vowed not to pay, and, I bet, he didn’t.

The safety of players, fans and match officials is not a guarantee in Muhoroni yet the club continues to be entrusted to host a league match every other matchday. It is only a matter of time before an avoidable disaster strikes.

As Muhoroni fights for survival, the prospect of more complaints and potential disasters looks likely. Referees, in particular, face an unenviable dilemma when officiating matches at this notorious venue. How can they be expected to maintain impartiality in the face of such palpable hostility and intimidation?

It’s appalling that the powers that be continue to turn a blind eye to the dangers lurking within Muhoroni Stadium, prioritizing political interests over basic decency and safety.

Their feeble response to the mayhem speaks volumes about their disregard for the safety and well-being of players, fans, and officials. Banning the venue temporarily or imposing fines on the club is nothing more than a band-aid solution to a gaping wound.

Enough is enough!

Ban that dilapidated facility from hosting anything more than village kickabouts until everything, from the playing surface to the perimeter wall to the stands is fixed!

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