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100-gram gold recovered from rats in drain

Friday, June 24th, 2022 05:10 | By

In the latest bizarre incident of carelessness, at least 100-gram gold worth approximately Sh750,000 (Rs500,000) was recovered from the clutches of rats in a gutter near Mumbai’s Gokuldham Colony on Thursday.

“A woman on her way to deposit the jewellery in a bank gave it to a beggar woman with children on street mistaking it to be bread, who later threw it into the garbage dump,” said Mumbai police.

The police said they recovered the gold jewellery after checking the CCTV footage which showed a few rats taking the bag of gold from the garbage dump to a gutter and handed over the bag to the woman it belonged to.

The incident came to light when a woman, identified as Sundari, was on her way to mortgage the jewellery at the bank for the purpose of her daughter’s wedding.

The CCTV footage showed a beggar woman with her child on Sundari’s way to the bank, to whom she gave the bag. As soon as she realised she handed the wrong bag to the beggar child, she ran to the place and informed the police after failing to find them.

The police started investigating the matter and spotted the beggar woman, who told them she had thrown that ‘pack of bread’ as it was dry. After searching the garbage area, police found the bag carrying gold from the gutter as the rats carried it to the gutter and have been eating the dried bread with it.

—Gulf News

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