2010 Constitution

Don’t gamble with Nairobi’s top seat

Reading Time: 2 minutes Devolution is touted as one of the hallmarks of the 2010 Constitution. The spirit of devolution was to ensure effective […]

Kenya’s large youth population holds key to progress

Reading Time: 2 minutes With over 75 per cent of Kenya’s population under the age of 35, the country has a large youth population […]

Raila has what it takes to enhance political inclusion

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Selina Chiteri Political inclusion is one of the key ingredients of strong democracies.As a constitutional principle, it enhances nation […]

Prosecute leaders stealing constituencies cash

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is nothing as noble as empowerment of a society. Kenya has tried a myriad development approaches and economic models […]

Maa community leaders back Raila State House bid

Reading Time: 4 minutes Christine Musa and Rawlings Otieno Members of the Maa community have asked ODM leader Raila Odinga to address land issues […]

Church has sold soul for 30 pieces of silver

Reading Time: 2 minutes Courageous religious leaders played a central role in the struggle for multi-party democracy and resistance against dictatorship in Kanu days.  […]

Rein in officials killing devolution

Reading Time: 2 minutes Devolution is easily touted as one of the hallmarks of the 2010 Constitution. It was meant to cure a governance […]

Lessons in push for changes in the Constitution

Reading Time: 3 minutes August 20th marked a milestone in Kenya’s nationhood. Millions of citizens spent a fairly good part of the day watching […]

Omtatah in court to stop assent to proposed law

Reading Time: 2 minutes Activist Okiya Omtatah has moved to court to stop the Speaker of the National Assembly from referring the passed version […]

Hopes, challenges in women’s quest for leadership

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya’s women have made significant strides in their efforts to take up more leadership roles.  As next year’s elections draw […]