2020/21 financial year

Why thousands of teachers are set to exit service by December

Some 7,908 teachers are set to retire by December 31 this year after attaining the mandatory retirement age of 60. […]

Counties must never be pushed to the wall, again

Governors are at the end of their tether. According to the chairman of the Council of Governors (CoG), Wycliffe Oparanya, […]

Civil societies put State to task on usage of education finances

They have tasked the government to explain expenditure of billions of money allocated to the sector in the national budget […]

Waiguru’s deputy offers to oversee mediation in county budget standoff

Githinji Mwangi Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri has offered to mediate the standoff between his boss, governor Anne Waiguru and […]

Helb invites applications for 2020/21 student loans

Helb waived the Sh1,000 fee previously charged to non-loanees to acquire a compliance certificate, which came as a relief for job seekers.

Will Yatani’s budget dig us out of economic hole?

Obviously, Kenya’s economic outlook for the Financial Year 2020/21 is not a rosy one. The country has been reeling from […]

How budget policy seeks to spur economic growth

Nelson Ngaira Historically, government budget represents policy announcements that signal government’s intentions over the next financial year. The Kenya budget […]

Treasury CS Yatani’s headache over Sh841 billion budget deficit

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani is facing the Herculean task of raising Sh840.6 billion to plug the budget deficit   in the financial year […]

Finance CS Yatani tough choices in financing budget

While National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani put on a brave face as he unveiled a Sh2.8 trillion budget—balancing the […]

Yatani must work magic to jumpstart battered economy

When Ukur Yatani was appointed Acting Treasury Cabinet Secretary almost a year ago, the last thing he would have imagined […]