Boris Johnson

Don’t drop the ball in anti-Covid pandemic fight

To fail to plan is to plan to fail; a cliché but one that touches all facets of life. The […]

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms ‘worsen’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care in hospital after his coronavirus symptoms “worsened”, Downing Street has […]

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

Mr Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, Downing Street says. His symptoms are mild and he will continue to lead […]

Fed up with establishment, masses pursue change

The British people have spoken. Loud and clear. And they have given Boris Johnson clear mandate as prime minister to […]

New Brexit deal agreed, says Boris Johnson

A Brexit deal has been agreed between UK and EU negotiating teams before a meeting of European leaders in Brussels. […]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson to compromise on Brexit

London, Wednesday Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would submit “compromise” plans for a Brexit agreement to Brussels on Wednesday […]

Chaos as UK parliament suspended

London, Tuesday Parliament has officially been suspended for five weeks, with MPs not due back until October 14. Amid unprecedented […]

Brexit: PM in new battle after Commons vote defeat

Boris Johnson faces a new battle in the Commons after his first vote as PM saw him lose to rebel […]