Constitution of kenya

Maraga advisory a wake up call, though not realistic

The relationship between the Judiciary and the executive has been fairly frosty and what is happening between the two will […]

Irony of House that is the weak link in its role of oversight

Antony Mwangi and Emeka-Mayaka Gekara Crafters of the new Constitution thought strong institutions, not individuals, would be a panacea to our […]

Registrar must be impartial to all political parties

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) is a State office established under Article 260 of the Constitution […]

State-Nairobi County deal must work for residents

Sandra Ochola The implementation of the 2010 Constitution has had its fair share of hurdles over the years. While there […]

We have fallen short of ideals of the Constitution

Kenyans are going through a very challenging period as they contend with an intricate political situation compounded by harsh economic […]