Covid-19 lockdown

Urgent need to tame rising cost of living

Reading Time: 2 minutes The lives of many Kenyans are set to change, with the increase in the cost of basic c*mmodities at a […]

What’s cooking across the border?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kenya has managed to pa*s laws that address s****l and gender-based v******e-related cases.  The S****l Offenses Act 2006 indicates what […]

Brains behind brawn: Playmaker G**etzka hopes to make impact

Reading Time: 2 minutes Berlin, Monday Having used last year’s Covid-19 lockdown to pack muscle on to his frame, Leon G**etzka is set to […]

Schools, churches shut for 42 days – inside Uganda’s Covid-19 lockdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday re-imposed a strict lockdown that included the closure of schools and the suspension of […]

Restrictions slows down April output

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lewis Njoka @LewsiNjoka Increased curfew hours and a partial lockdown in the five Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos and Nakuru counties […]

Covid bug rav*ging India wake-up call for Africa

Reading Time: 2 minutes As Kenyans welc*me President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown he imposed last month, they should be w*ry that […]

MKU thrives due to long-time investment in modern technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mount Kenya University (MKU) has been able to thrive amid the Covid-19 pandemic due to heavy investment in long-term technology. […]

A***y as Covid cuts lifeline for funeral fundraising joints

Reading Time: 2 minutes The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to keep many nations on their knees.  In its short life, it has not halted […]

The creative sector deeply hurt by Covid-19 lockdown

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Covid-19 pandemic continues to rav*ge the world, leaving many shattered lives and dashed dreams in its wake. Kenyan c*mmercial […]

We must not allow r****m to drive us apart

Reading Time: 3 minutes Patricia Scotland        Today I received a message from a parent. Her nine-year-old son, Osc*r, had been sitting […]