CS Ukur Yattani

Budget 2021/22: Cost of diapers reduce as cooking gas, bodaboda hike

Reading Time: 2 minutes Parents with small babies were among the elated members of the public who will reap big from the 2021/22 budget. […]

Budget 2021/22: Embu residents want fuel, farm chemicals costs reduced

Reading Time: 2 minutes Residents from Embu have high expectations over the 20221/22 budget which is set to be unveiled by Treasury Cabinet Secretary […]

Study: Male youths in Kenya are monetary poorer than females

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenyan men aged between 18-34 years are monetary poorer than their female colleagues in the same age bracket, a study […]

State to replace relief food with money

Reading Time: < 1 minute Victims of drought will start receiving a monthly stipend from the government to alleviate their suffering, Labour CS Ukur Yattani […]