desert locust invasion

Kenya, Horn of Africa faces ‘fresh locust invasion later in the year’

Kenya is among other East African countries facing another desert locust invasion later in the year, the United Nations  warns. […]

Fresh wave of desert locust invasion feared

East African region is faced with the threat of a fresh wave of deserts locust invasion despite restrictions on the […]

State, UN body say they are winning fight against locusts

Nicholas Waitathu and George Kebaso William Lelesara, an 18-year-old herder in Mugur village, Samburu East, stands still as a statue, his […]

Sh100 million to sustain fight against desert locust invasion

 Mwangi Mumero Donations to combat the desert locust invasion in Eastern Africa continue to pour in even as more parts of the […]

State hires expert to assess damage caused by locusts

Christine Musa and KNA  The government has hired a consultant to assess the damage caused by the destructive desert locusts […]

Fall army worm causes food losses worth Sh2 billion

Wahinya Henry and Mwangi Mumero  Farmers have lost more than  Sh2 billion of expected revenue in the last three years because […]

Somalia declares locust invasion an emergency

Mogadishu, Sunday Somalia on Sunday declared a locust infestation sweeping the Horn of Africa to be a national emergency, as […]

Our costly but fruitless benchmarking trip to ‘study’ locusts

MCA Gwinso The urgency with which MCA Chonjo, the acting chair of the committee on environment, called a meeting was […]

Scientists raise red alert over desert locust invasion

Bernard Gitau and Dorcas Mbatia and KNA Scientists yesterday raised the red alert over impending invasion of the country by desert […]