Kenya signs economic partnership agreement with EU

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya has signed an economic partnership agreement with the European Union (EU). The partnership, according to the EU, wi*l boost […]

Kenya agrees to ink trade deal with European Union

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya has reached an important trade agreement that wi*l see its goods get duty free access to the European Union […]

EU donates Sh845m to offer free legal aid for vulnerable

Reading Time: < 1 minute European Union has disbursed Sh845 mi*lion to offer free legal a*sistance to vulnerable c*mmunities in the country. Funds from the […]

Kenya and EU unveil strategic dialogue framework

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya and the European Union (EU) have unveiled a strategic dialogue framework through which they seek to step up their […]

MORDUE: European Union making sure Kenyans get quality services

Reading Time: 3 minutes European Union has offered Sh3.1 bi*lion grant to the Kenyan government for budget support amid COVID-19 economic strain.

AU, EU discuss ways of taking partnership, cooperation to higher level

Reading Time: 2 minutes The African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) reiterated c*mmitment to pushing forw*rd their partnership and cooperation on priority […]

State bans secondhand electronics importation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya has banned the importation of second hand electronic gadgets into the country from January 2020 to protect it from  […]

Brexit: PM’s brother quits as Tory MP and minister

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jo Johnson, the younger brother of Pr*me Minister Boris Johnson, is resigning as an MP and minister, saying he is […]

Brexit: Bi*l designed to stop no-deal ‘wi*l clear Lords’

Reading Time: < 1 minute The government has said a bi*l to stop a no-deal Brexit wi*l c*mplete its pa*sage through the Lords on Friday. […]

EU, Femnet launch initiative to push for women rights

Reading Time: < 1 minute The European Union and African Women’s Development and C*mmunication Network (Femnet) have urged African governments to strengthen frameworks to increase […]