Biden announces US m******y reinforcements across Europe

Reading Time: < 1 minute President Joe Biden has announced the deployment of United States m******y reinforcements across Europe in an effort to counter Russia […]

Taki set to run two races in Europe ah**d of continental event

Reading Time: 2 minutes Former world 1,500m champion in the Under 20 category K*mari Taki has two crucial races in Europe before battling for […]

Suez Ca**l toll to s**ke cost of fuel

Reading Time: 2 minutes Importation of products from the Middle East and Europe wi*l cost more beginning May following a tax hike of up […]

Ukraine cri**s exposes Europe’s r****t bent

Reading Time: 3 minutes Racial discr*mination is a vice that the West has managed to hide or disguise for a long time. It is […]

A must-have economic checklist for presidential candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is the si*ly season again, when presidential aspirants barnstorm the country promising heaven.C*mmendably, though, the economic plight of those […]

Philippines, Turkey jet in ah**d of Mombasa Tong-IL Moo-Do tourney c*mpet*tion

Reading Time: < 1 minute A delegation of players and officials has jetted to Mombasa ah**d of the ninth edition of the Mombasa Open Tong […]

Barcelona, Bayern h**dline Champions League return as European contest begins

Reading Time: 2 minutes The group stage of what promises to be a fascinating Champions League season gets under way today, with the Barcelona […]

Denmark bec*mes only European country with no COVID-19 restrictions

Reading Time: < 1 minute Denmark on Friday became the only European nation with no Covid curbs, losing a requirement to show vaccine pa*sports to […]

COVID-19: New fear grips Europe as cases top 30m world*ide

Reading Time: < 1 minute The number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe has surpa*sed 30 mi*lion, according to figures by America’s Johns Hopkins […]

Victory Day evokes deep sense of pride for Russia, world

Reading Time: 4 minutes On May 8, 1945, N**i Germany surrendered to the alli*d forces led by the then Soviet Union, United States of […]