food security

Kenya saved 315,000 tonnes of cereals from destruction by locusts, says FAO

United Nations and Kenya managed to protect over 315,000 tonnes of cereals against destruction by desert locusts that invaded the […]

Using agritecture to address urban hunger

Integrating agriculture with the built environment yields a multitude of benefits for cities and their residents, thus the need for […]

PS asks NYS to utilize its land fully for food security

Proper utilisation of National Youth Service (NYS) land across the country can solely beat food insecurity in the country, the […]

Israel supports Kenya’s food security efforts

Milliam Murigi @millymur1 The Government of Israel is set to set up two more model farms in Kenya as a way […]

RECHA & NZOKA: Combating a triple threat to Kenya’s food security

John Recha and Oscar Nzoka Climate change, unsustainable farming practices, and increased food prices due to supply chain disruptions caused […]

Why Africa’s agricultural funding models critically need radical change

Olivia Yambi and Hans Herren  A new report by Biovision International, IPES-Food and the UK-based Institute of Development Studies reveals […]

New transport plans a big boost to food security

Okisegere Ojepat  Securing food security has emerged as an imperative as the Covid-19 pandemic ravages the globe, prompting the government […]

It’s time to eat rodents to boost food security

After abandoning traditional African cuisines in the name of modernity and using dangerous chemicals to destroy the environment, Kenyans are […]

Pest control politics a threat to our food security

Okisegere Ojepat        One of the downsides of globalisation driven by technology is the way in which views […]

Somalia, UN appeal for humanitarian aid to avert food insecurity

Somalia and the UN on Tuesday appealed for urgent humanitarian assistance to avert an acute food insecurity situation that threatens […]