How I stopped my 2022 rival’s signature collection launch

A wag once said when a man is excited and happy, it is the duty of a good wife to […]

BBI: One of many steps to new laws

County assemblies and Parliament are slated to play a major role in the implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) […]

Final BBI report settles on PM in expanded Executive

Eric Wainaina @EWainaina The Building Bridges Initiative final report has retained the proposal for creation of the position of a […]

Waiguru ouster motion tough test for Senators

Eric Wainana and Emeka-Mayaka Gekara The impeachment effort against Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is proving to be a stern test […]

Why political parties have ganged up against DP Ruto

Eric Wainaina @EWainaina Political parties across the divide have lined up a series of changes calculated to further isolate Deputy […]

President Uhuru’s case for constitutional change

Eric Wainaina @Ewainaina The clamour for constitutional change gained impetus yesterday after President Uhuru Kenyatta said a referendum, which has […]

Law experts now speak over Uhuru, Raila ‘impending’ unity government

Emeka-Mayaka Gekara The push for a possible coalition government involving Opposition chief Raila Odinga has sparked debate, with some constitution […]

Vibrancy, visibility top agenda as lawyers converge for elections

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) members go to the polls today to elect their president and other officials in what […]

Uhuru, Raila to seek global support for BBI in US tours

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition chief Raila Odinga are expected to use their visit to Washington to rally international support […]

Leaders unity gesture crucial in pursuit of inclusivity

Positive signals emerged from the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) meeting in Mombasa at the weekend when political opponents shared a […]