Investors mull long term deals

Reading Time: 2 minutes There was a general uptick in yields for government paper last week, even as Treasury Bills were undersubscribed at 82.8 […]

Why safety and predictable returns makes fixed income investments attractive

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all have goals that we cannot gamble with because they are very important to us and if we cannot […]

Investors should be less missionary in approach to risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes Traditionally, Kenyans have preferred to put their money in land and buildings, since these are considered less risky compared to […]

Counties should spearhead conservation efforts

Reading Time: 2 minutes  By Phyllis Wakiaga        At the heart of building an investor-attractive county, is the need to demonstrate a […]

Invest more in training risk management experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Caroline Gathii        Risk management is a developing discipline globally and more so in the developed economies. […]

Treasury sees slower growth, promises ‘brutal’ budget cuts

Reading Time: 2 minutes The National Treasury has reviewed this year’s economic growth forecast even as it announced austerity measures to curb wasteful spending […]