Kakamega Primary School

Worrying trend as d***hs of children rise

Reading Time: 3 minutes That no one resigned after we lost 15 school children in the Kakamega Pr*mary School stamp*de recently is not surprising. […]

Kakamega leaders say occult could have led to the d***h of school pupils

Reading Time: 2 minutes Local politicians and clerics have agreed that the d***hs of 14 Kakamega Pr*mary School pupils in a stamp*de at the […]

Enforce safety rules to stop school d***hs

Reading Time: 2 minutes The tragic d***h of 14 and injury of more than 45 pupils of Kakamega Pr*mary School on Tuesday is yet […]

Detectives focus on safety rules in Kakamega school

Reading Time: 2 minutes Police have released names and details of the 14 pupils who di*d at Kakamega Pr*mary School as they  focused their […]

Ruto visits Kakamega school where 14 pupils di*d in stamp*de

Reading Time: < 1 minute Deputy President Wi*liam Ruto on Tuesday visited the school in Kakamega where 14 pupils lost their lives in a stamp*de. […]