Kazi Mtaani

ESHUCHI: Kazi Mtaani godsend for young people as youth crime at all-time low

Kazi Mtaani has given 283,000 youth jobs as they earn Sh455 daily, and this provides substantive evidence of a reduction in youth crime.

Ministry seeks to halt cash transfer plan to the needy

Mercy Mwai @wangumarci The National Treasury has advised the government to end the Sh10 billion cash transfer programme to the […]

Kazi Mtaani to the rescue of Kisii footballers

More than 150 football players in Kisii are set to benefit from national hygiene programme dubbed Kazi Mtaani. Players from […]

Uhuru warns politicians to keep off Kazi Mtaani project

Alvin Mwangi and PSCU President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned politicians against using his ongoing Sh10 billion Kazi Mtaani Youth Employment […]