Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

High gas prices could snuff out four-year growth in demand

Reading Time: 3 minutes The demand for liquified petroleum gas (LPG) nearly doubled in the last four years despite the annual price increases to […]

Shift to millet, sorghum shot in the arm for food security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unfavourable weather patterns have seen a dip in performance of main staple grains including maize, wheat and rice forcing farmers […]

Why spiralling cancer cases should concern us

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last month, Kenya joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   Over the four […]

National Cement plans to cut up to 860 jobs over importation of clinker

Reading Time: 2 minutes PRODUCTION: Local manufacturer National Cement Company is mulling laying off 860 workers in its Emali-based clinker plant due to low […]

NHIF should address mistrust on scheme

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many Kenyans are in dire need of basic healthcare and majority do not have money to spend on treatment when […]

How county governments can bridge wealth gap

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although counties were, at inception, envisaged as important institutions to reduce inequality between regions, they have deferred the dream of […]

IEBC rules out creation of new constituencies before 2022 general elections

Reading Time: < 1 minute Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has ruled out creation of new constituencies before 20222 general election. However, the commssion […]

Kenya’s coastal players eye East Africa to revive conference tourism

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tourism industry stakeholders in Kenya’s coastal region, one of the country’s key tourist attractions, said Tuesday they are targeting the […]

Virus spurs economic inequality

Reading Time: 2 minutes Steve Umidha @UmidhaSteve Surging inequality has soared for decades in Kenya and experts say the pandemic just ripped it open. […]

Chinese built Standard Gauge Railway defies COVID-19 gloom

Reading Time: 3 minutes According to the latest economic data released towards the end of last year, Kenya’s standard gauge railway cargo revenue rose […]