Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC)

Why sale of State-owned firms halted stopp*d

Reading Time: 2 minutes Privatisation C*mmission’s (PC) says rec*mmendations that a fraction of government shares in certain listed firms be offloaded was suspended due […]

Transforming lives via Corporate Social Investment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dr Macharia Irungu In a recent gathering, I was stunned to hear of a parent who failed to enrol one […]

Oil shortage looms over fuel discharge stalemate at jetty

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fred Aminga @Faminga A fuel shortage looms if an impa*se between Kenya Pipeline C*mpany (KPC) and Oryx Energies over delayed […]

Kenya Pipeline funds revival of Nairobi to Nanyuki rail

Reading Time: < 1 minute Noel Wandera and Alvin Mwangi Kenya Pipeline c*mpany (KPC) is  funding r***bilitation of the Nairobi-Nanyuki Railway line with part of its  […]

Kenya Pipeline donates 24,000 litres of hand sanitisers for public use

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kenya Pipeline C*mpany (KPC) has said it wi*l give 24,000 litres of government hand sanitisers to the National Youth Council […]

KPC dispatches 20,000 litres of sanitisers to northern Kenya

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya Pipeline C*mpany (KPC) has dispatched over 20,000 litres of free hand sanitisers to several counties in northern Kenya in […]

Joint corporate efforts s**t in the arm in Covid-19 w*r

Reading Time: 3 minutes Macharia Irungu  When I recently saw a testimonial online from Regina Awinja, a resident of Kibera in Nairobi, thanking Kenya […]