How love dies after marriage

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most marriages happen when people are in love with each other. Most divorces happen when couples stop loving each other. […]

My wife can’t reveal her salary or help in paying bills at home

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This far, love and God has kept us going

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Patriarchy should be dismantled by all means

Reading Time: 2 minutes At the core of all-female problems, you will find men. And at the periphery, you will find a few women. […]

My husband left me for another woman, but now wants me back

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Marriage built on friendship

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Of costly singles’ training and love coaching

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Love wins: Where did your love journey start?

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I’m uncomfortable that my fiancée had two past abortions

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Turning love permanently on

Reading Time: 3 minutes MARCELLA AKINYI Where did this love story begin? Fransisca: We met back on 24th July 2011 at a Mpesa shop […]