Why media are lumbering along in campaigns

Reading Time: 3 minutes So far so good. The media are covering this election gingerly exhibiting less baggage from the past. In 2007, the […]

No basis citing media for bias in campaigns coverage

Reading Time: 3 minutes There has been a discussion in the public space about whether Kenyan media are biased in their coverage of the […]

Catholics call on media to uphold truth and fairness

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has challenged the media to promote unity discourse, stand by the truth and hold […]

On fuel crisis, media should go beyond the obvious

Reading Time: 3 minutes First, it was a honk, then my name was called out. I checked and from across the line, my friend, […]

Media must be active in scrutinising political formations  

Reading Time: 3 minutes The coming  General-Election in Kenya is living up to its billing: unpredictably predictable. Who would have predicted how new formations […]

Report: 55 scribes killed last year in ‘alarmingly widespread’ impunity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fifty-five journalists and media workers were killed across the world last year, the lowest annual death toll in more than […]

Media needs self-censorship in reporting school arsons

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reports in the media of school fires have been incessant. Today it is this school, tomorrow another and so on. […]

Why media must rise above pedestrian coverage

Reading Time: 3 minutes As is typical in Kenya, the main headlines for the whole week have been mainly about politics. Yet, it has […]

Why media must view corporates with suspicious lens

Reading Time: 3 minutes The media is evolving, and this week crossed an important thresh hold. Discussions on media tend to focus on threats […]

Time we kept jokes out of serious news business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Journalism may appear chaotic. What with cameramen trying to rise above each other to get the best vantage point to […]