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Hail the Queen: Sharon Obara, 22, recently crowned Miss World Kenya 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes How was life while growing up? I’d say my childhood was amazing and colourful. I had so many adventures. My […]

Where the church and mental health meet…

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whenever you feel burdened and weary turn to the church for guidance, the saying goes. For devoted Christians, this is […]

Why children born in prison risk battling mental health conditions

Reading Time: 3 minutes In some cases, when the time comes for children to be disengaged from the prisons, mothers may not be comfortable having their children handed over to their extended families.

Prioritise mental health of officers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hudson Wakise walked into his wife’s house at night when she was having supper. A brief altercation ensued and he […]

Don’t shy away from seeking help for mental health

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jeldah Nyamache Mental wellbeing is one of the most neglected areas of human health, in as much as it is […]

Mental healthcare saved me from destroying my life

Reading Time: 5 minutes At exactly 11.40am on October 6 last year, Riziki Nyariri Ekumbo stepped out of the elevator at a high-end hospital […]

Address mental health, forgotten impact of cancer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr Jeldah Mokeira  October was breast cancer awareness month. A lot of discussions and awareness raising initiatives went into informing […]

Covid disrupts mental health funding

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mental health services in Kenya and other 28 African countries have witnessed dwindling or disrupted funding in the wake of […]

Simple ways to deal with working from home fatigue

Reading Time: 2 minutes Andrew Bourne   While the Covid-19 pandemic paved way for even the staunchest opponents of remote work to change their […]

Why Kenya needs to invest more on mental health

Reading Time: 3 minutes Divina Kabalo One is mentally healthy when he or she is able to make right decisions for society’s benefit and […]