renewable energy

Why renewable energy is attractive to financiers

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the topical areas that dominated discussions in Glasgow, Scotland, during the COP26 was the pace of progress on […]

Africa should accelerate transition to renewable energy

Reading Time: 3 minutes The need for renewable energy and energy transition in Africa is urgent, considering over 600 million people on the continent […]

Nandi County to acquire solar panels to boost water, electricity supply

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nandi County Government has set aside Ksh30 million for the acquisition of green energy to be distributed across all six Sub Counties to boost water supply and lighting.

Empowering women through renewable energy

Reading Time: 3 minutes The more central energy is to our lives, the more crucial it is to provide equal access and distribution for […]

Sustainable energy sector central to development

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya, like all other countries across the globe, aspires to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to its citizens. Energy […]