2024 Russia presidential election: What you need to know

Reading Time: 6 minutes Russia is holding a presidential election that is all but certain to extend Vladimir Putin’s rule throughout this decade and into the […]

Putin challenger barred from Russia’s election

Reading Time: 3 minutes Russia’s election c*mmission has rejected anti-w*r challenger Boris Nadezhdin as a candidate in next month’s presidential vote. Nadezhdin has been […]

Kenya livid at Russia move to cut Black Sea supply chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Russia’s withdrawal from the deal allowing Ukraine to safely export grain through the Black Sea is a “s**b on the […]

Could NATO have dup*d Ukraine to fight Russia?

Reading Time: 3 minutes President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine could as well be one of the angriest p****e in the world today. On July […]

Russia r***llion: Wagner mercenary group vows to topple m******y leaders

Reading Time: 3 minutes The h**d of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group has vowed to “go all the way” to topple Russia’s m******y leadership, hours […]

Russian cr*minals hit US federal government agencies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Several US federal government agencies have been hit in a g****l c*********k by Russian cybercr*minals that exploits a vulnerability in widely used […]

Kenya, Russia to deepen trade ties as Ruto meets Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Reading Time: < 1 minute President Wi*liam Ruto has announced that Kenya wi*l deepen its relations with Russia to increase trade volumes. Speaking at State […]

Russian scientists arrested after Ukraine shoots down ‘undefeatable’ hypersonic m******s

Reading Time: 2 minutes Three of Vladimir Putin’s top hypersonic scientists have been detained on sus**cion of high treason – after Ukraine claimed to […]

Putin claims Russia is not to blame for its w*r in Ukraine

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vladimir Putin believes Russia is not to blame for the w*r in Ukraine, adding both countries are “sharing a tragedy”. […]

Ruto risks US sanctions as he announces he’s wi*ling to buy fuel from Russia 

Reading Time: 2 minutes President Wi*liam Ruto is open to doing business with Russia which has been isolated internationally following its invasion of Ukraine […]