Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC)

Governors want SRC to review job descriptions, salaries of their appointees

Reading Time: < 1 minute Governors have called on the Salaries and Remuneration C*mmission (SRC) to review the Job Descriptions and salaries of their appointees. […]

Your vote, their pay: MPs to earn more after election

Reading Time: 4 minutes The next president and his deputy wi*l earn higher salaries under a new scheme announced by the Salaries and Remuneration […]

MPs push salaries team to raise pay after polls

Reading Time: 3 minutes Members of Parliament who wi*l be elected in the August 9 polls are set to earn in excess of Sh1 […]

MPs get Ksh12b more for projects, salaries

Reading Time: 2 minutes Parliament has been allocated Sh50.2 bi*lion up from Sh38 bi*lion allocated in the last financial year. The Parliamentary Service C*mmission […]

TSC and unions should fix pay disputes early

Reading Time: 2 minutes Schools are closing for the long holiday and candidates are about to sit exams. The school calendar is abuzz with […]

Salaries c*mmission under fire for overturning dock workers pay deal

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Salaries and Remuneration C*mmission (SRC) yesterday came under heavy criticism for overturning a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for dock […]

Why teachers’ unions signed no salary rise deal with TSC

Reading Time: 3 minutes More than 330,000 teachers wi*l have to wait longer for a pay rise after their representatives yesterday signed a new […]

Cash windfall for chiefs and county c*mmissioners

Reading Time: 3 minutes Government administrators, ranging from regional c*mmissioners to a*sistant chiefs, are set to start pocketing between Sh80,000 and Sh7,000 in new […]

Big s**ts to lose perks in new rules

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi*lary Mageka @hi*larymageka Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Speakers of the Senate and National A*sembly and Members of Parliament are among […]

Roba ordered to pay four sacked CECs Sh50 mi*lion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mandera Governor Ali Roba has s******d a major b**w after the labour c*********red him to pay four former county executive […]