sexual harassment

65pc of Kenyan female scribes face sexual harassment at work – report

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya is leading in sexual harassment in the media in Africa at 56 per cent, a new report by Women […]

How sexual harassment locks women out of politics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Every time Kenya has elections, the faces of political leaders plastered across walls, and billboards, always have one common characteristic: […]

I no longer have the desire to be intimate with my husband

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi Achoki’s I have been married for nine years and have two children. My marriage has been okay, but of […]

Sexual harassment bug biting campus students

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sandra Wekesa @wekesa_andayi In 2017, Mary Mwihaki (not her real name) joined university with so much zeal and energy, to accomplish […]

Ten aggressions women contend with in an unequal society

Reading Time: 3 minutes The tendency by one gender to look at the other as inferior has worsened through the ages, antagonising relations. NJAMBI […]

Sexual assault on males rarely gets society’s attention

Reading Time: 2 minutes A look at the rising cases of murder in relationships depicts a society that is perverted to the core.  This […]

Workplace: Breaking the silence on sexual harassment

Reading Time: 2 minutes Samson Osero The mention of the phrase “sexual harassment” at the workplace elicits varied perceptions depending on the existing organisational […]