Somalia finally joins East African C*mmunity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Somalia has formally been admitted to the East African C*mmunity (EAC), bec*ming the eighth member state to join the intergovernmental […]

Kenya re-opens border with Somalia

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kenya has re-opened its border with Somalia after a high-profile meeting between top-ranking officials of the two governments. In a […]

EAC starts process for Somalia admission

Reading Time: < 1 minute East Africa C*mmunity (EAC) member states have started the process of admitting Somalia into the bloc, a move aimed at […]

Somalia’s daring move to defeat al S*****b m*******s

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Somalia’s new President Ha*san Sheikh Mohamud took office in May he declared a top priority was bringing an end […]

Sp*ed up admission of Somalia into EAC, leaders advise council

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leaders of the East African C*mmunity (EAC) have directed the EAC Council of Ministers to fast-track verification for admission of […]

East African States blamed for looming h**ger in their region

Reading Time: 2 minutes One person is likely to die of h**ger every 48 seconds in drought-rav*ged Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, a report has […]

Kenya rejects UN jurisdiction ah**d of Somalia border ruling

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kenya has said it rejected the jurisdiction of the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) ah**d of a ruling […]

Somalia, Kenya agree to shore up ties

Reading Time: < 1 minute Somalia and Kenya have agreed to shore up their frosty diplomatic relations following a meeting in Mogadishu on Sunday between […]

Somalia urges formation of joint c*mmittee to fully restore ties with Kenya

Reading Time: < 1 minute Somalia urges formation of joint c*mmittee to fully restore ties with KeSomalia has called for the formation of a joint […]

WorldRemit founder to invest bi*lions in Somalia

Reading Time: < 1 minute WorldRemit founder Ismail Ahmed plans to c*mmit $500 mi*lion (Sh55 bi*lion) of his own wealth and technology investments on development […]