Valentine’s Day

Take-home points from the infamous men’s conference

I have just returned from the (in) famous men’s conference, where I was scheduled to be a guest speaker but […]

My boyfriend snubbed me on Valentine’s Day

Hi Achokis, I’ve been going out with this guy for the last three years. On Valentine’s Day, he only sent […]

City restaurant give a valentine treat to the elderly

During the widely celebrated valentine’s day on Friday, Nairobi restaurant Café Deli hosted elderly citizens for a brunch. The elderly […]

A tale of 600 Tinder matches and two dates in 14 days

As someone who has not been in her first real relationship until the not-so-ripe age of 23, I know what […]

Picture-perfect romance? Decoding matching outfits

For the longest time, even in the days of our forefathers, women and men of status were made to dress […]

Ten interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

With the big day right around the corner, every street in Nairobi will be swamped by red roses, gift cards, […]

Ingredients to spice up your marriage

It is two days to Valentine’s Day and while love is in the air for some, there are those whose […]

Flooks Valentine’s campaign draws excitement ahead of dinner

The countdown to the glamorous Valentine’s dinner for Kenya’s luckiest couple; courtesy Kenya’s fastest growing betting firm, Flooks, is now […]

How can I get over relationship anxiety?

I’m a single woman and I really want to get into a serious relationship and start a family, but I’m fearful of being taken advantage of.

Pairing whisky with food, the Scottish way

Faith Kyoumukama @martkinel I am told we are on the 64th week of January.  As we await for the month […]